Human Resources Consulting and Support

Focused Solutions to Save You Time

What can Essential Operations do for YOU? Give you time back in your day to focus on your business. How?

  • Work with Leadership on a Variety of HR Strategies
  • HR Coaching for Supervisors & Managers
  • Promote & Implement HR Best Practices
  • Engage & Motivate Employees
  • Drive Productivity & Results
  • Coach, Train & Develop Staff
  • Build & Support a Productive & Respectful Company Culture
  • Support the Employee Lifecycle
  • Non-Profit Board Governance

What We Do

Essential Operations provides support for small businesses and nonprofits, in and around Durango, to implement and improve their current HR practices. It can be challenging for smaller organizations to justify the need for a full-time HR department which leads to inconstancies in policies, hiring, engaging, and retaining quality employees. Essential Operations fills that gap and becomes a strategic business partner to create solutions to build quality teams, focus on building leaders, and keeping your business in compliance.

Our Belief

Your employees are your best and most unique asset, they set you apart from the competition. We’ll work together to implement policies and strategies to help your employees and business thrive.