HR Audits; Personnel File Retention & Management; I-9 Completion and Filing; Policy and Procedures Creation & Implementation.

Essential Operations will review your current HR department and practices to find areas to improve or create essential HR functions and best practices so you can focus on your business. 

Human Capital

Employees, your human capital, are your best and most unique assets, they set you apart from your competition. Attracting and retaining top talent requires innovative and inclusive approaches. Let’s work together to invest in your employees to help your bottom line. 

Create job descriptions that attract diverse and qualified candidates; set-up onboarding processes that are engaging and create buy-in of new employees; use performance management tools to help your employees grow and become leaders. 


Your company is more likely to be successful when your employees and teams are working towards the same objectives. Together, we can develop initiatives to achieve and promote the behaviors, culture, and competencies needed to achieve your business goals

Develop well-defined performance metrics; implement regular performance evaluations and check-ins; identify schemes to reward employees for high performance and creativity in accomplishing their tasks; align the interests of your employees with those of your business. 


Nonprofits are unique in the work they do and the support they need to run effectively. We will work with you in creating successful succession plans for Executive Directors, Senior Staff, and Board Chairs; develop a strategic Board recruitment plan; Board Governance: i.e. bylaw updates, planning and conducting effective board meetings, meeting minute requirements, document retention, and more.